Mission Statement


The AAM affirms that Permanent Cosmetics/ Cosmetic Tattooing/ Micropigmentation is a separate specialty within the field of tattooing. It involves the placement of colorants into the skin for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement, medical correction and/or aesthetic restoration. Therefore, there is specialized training with unique standards required in order to perform this service.

Micropigmentation: The procedure in which minute, metabolically inert pigment granules are placed mechanically or manually below the epidermis for the purpose of cosmetic and/or corrective enhancement.


The Academy believes that micropigmentation is an autonomous profession and further that no single specialty board, such as Nursing, Cosmetology or Medicine should regulate and control micropigmentation in any given State. In order to be autonomous or self-governing, each practitioner should be certified by the Academy, licensed as required by the State or local agency or Health Department, and regulated separately by the practitioner's professional association: for example nurses would answer to the State Board of Nursing, cosmetologists to the State Board of Cosmetology, physicians to the State Board of Medical Examiners, and so forth. All practitioners would be under the auspices of the Health Department and/or Attorney General's Office of each state. This format would eliminate conflicts of economic interests and provide the best opportunity for public safety.

Board Certification:

Certification by the Academy is a voluntary choice on the part of the candidate. However, a number of States and Counties have recognized and/or adopted the American Academy of Micropigmentation as its certifying body. Legislation for similar pre-requisites are pending in many other states at this time. The candidate for Board Certification wishes to demonstrate competency to clients, peers and other professionals in the industry. By continuing one's education, client safety and benefits will be enhanced. By passing the certification exam the candidate may wish to join the Academy and be an integral part of the direction of the Academy in the field of micropigmentation. From the standpoint of the Academy, board certification, with few exceptions, will represent proof of competency and demonstration of micropigmentation skills. No other organization has had similar written examinations although attempts are being made to copy the Academy. However, for over eight years, the American Academy of Micropigmentation is the only recognized non-profit association that tests candidates written, practical, and oral knowledge.

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