AAM Code of Ethics

American Academy of Micropigmentation Code of Ethics 

  1. Recognizing that the American Academy of Micropigmentation seeks to encourage, establish and maintain the highest standards, traditions, and principles of our profession,pledge myself to practice the art and science of micropigmentation, also known as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing, in strict accord with the principles of integrity, standards of excellence, traditions and regulations of the American Academy of Micropigmentation and in accordance with the laws of the State and/or County in which I perform such services.
  2. I shall practice with thorough self-restraint, always placing the welfare of the clients, entrusted to my care for services, above all else, with full realization of my personal responsibility for the client’s best interests. I shall not deceive the client or public about the true nature of permanent makeup or micropigmentation which involves placement of color into the skin, a form of tattooing,which is lasting and may be permanent and is not easily reversed if at all.
  3. Realizing that it is incumbent upon me, as a micropigmentation specialist to continually keep abreast of the times, I pledge myself to strive continually to increase my technical knowledge of all aspects of my profession and to freely participate in the exchange of knowledge with other competent practitioners of micropigmentation and/or other medical or para-medical specialists in the Arts and Sciences that our joint knowledge shall benefit the profession, the public and my practice skills.
  4. I pledge accuracy, reliability and honesty in the performance of micropigmentation and to seek competent professional counsel when in doubt of my own knowledge or competence in a particular test or procedure.Recognizing that cosmetic tattooing is an elective procedure, I will not knowingly or willfully undertake to perform any procedure which may endanger my client due to their health status or medication.
  5. As a further consideration for membership and registration, I pledge myself to avoid dishonest, unethical or illegal representation of my qualifications, procedures performed and duration of my practice.I understand that the Academy remedies for such behavior includes censure, suspension or revocation of my membership and certifications issued in reliance upon my applications.I shall shun unwarranted professional publicity or unfair discrimination among the clients in my charge.I will advise my client of my fees and get their permission to proceed prior to undertaking any procedure.
  6. I shall not make or offer a diagnosis or medical interpretation, nor shall I attempt to medically treat any medical condition, unless I be a duly licensed physician or licensed practitioner. I shall endeavor to use drugs and pigments that are both safe and effective.
  7. I shall maintain client records in a manner consistent with the protection of the welfare of the client and in compliance with all laws to maintain client privacy. Upon request of the client or with the client’s permission, I shall provide any information that will be beneficial for the future treatment of the client to another permanent makeup professional or health care provider.
  8. I have an obligation to report to the appropriate agency instances of gross and continual faulty care by another practitioner. I shall provide expert testimony when that testimony is essential to a just and fair disposition of a judicial or administrative action concerning permanent makeup. I shall refrain from commenting disparagingly about the services of another practitioner.I will not make any false or unsubstantiated claims against another practitioner.
  9. I pledge myself to protect the identity and the integrity of all clients in my charge and to make only such reports public as shall be required by me by the laws of the state in which I practice or as the client’s physician shall direct.
  10. Pledge my honor and my integrity to cooperate in the advancement and expansion, by every lawful means within my power, of the influence of the American Academy of Micropigmentation and to defend its principles.

I pledge that any training program at the fundamental level shall be no less than 100 hours (not less than 65 classroom hours) in duration and shall include practical components under direct instruction supervision. I agree not to teach any such program which falls short of these standards.

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