Three Complaints Rule =Loss of Membership

AAM Guidelines

The American Academy of Micropigmentation goal is to encourage education and training so that practitioners can provide the public with quality permanent makeup in a safe and clean environment.

AAM takes seriously its membership requirements, including Board Certification and Certified Micropigmentation Instructor (CMI) status.  If you are recognized by AAM with CMI status, the expectation is to provide the most thorough and extensive training in a positive and ethical manner and environment.

Complaints in these areas are taken seriously and can result in loss of membership and status, or both.

The increased popularity of permanent makeup has resulted in an influx of practitioners to the field.  Along with this increase, AAM sees an increased number of complaints from the public regarding unsatisfactory work. Poor work usually results from a combination improper training, non-existent safety protocol, unsuccessful execution of procedures and lack of dedication to “best practices” from the practitioner.

While we believe everyone will receive complaints at some point as it is subjective field and an art form; multiple complaints raise concerns that need to be addressed.

As a member of the AAM you are held to the highest standards.  The public and our members expect a level of professional and quality work from our members.  If you cannot meet these standards, then membership will be revoked under the 3-Complaint Ruling of the AAM.

Complaints against member Instructors (CMI) as well as Practitioners will fall under the 3-Complaints Rule. Criminal activity complaints must be reported to proper authorities and are outside of AAM. They do not fall under 3-Complaints Rule.

Complaints regarding poor work by a practitioner will be addressed by recommending further training to improve their skills. These complaints will be thoroughly investigated and discussed with the practitioner to be sure they are accurate. Photos of their work will be requested, and support will be offered by providing them with 3 names of CMI’s to choose from that AAM believes will help to hone their skills.

Each complaint regarding a practitioner or a CMI will be investigated by the AAM Board of Directors. Decisions on complaints will be made by majority vote of AAM Board.

Outline of AAM Three Complaint Rule:

Following the First Complaint Form:
A letter will be sent to confirm the said complaint. The AAM allows 30 days for a written response or suspension of 30 days will be initiated.

 Following the Second Complaint Form:

Another letter will be sent with the same terms of the first, with a reminder that one more infraction will cause termination of membership and or status.

 Following the Third Complaint:

AAM Membership and or status is terminated without recourse or membership refund.

 Please Note: We encourage all complaints regarding cross contamination, lack of proper credentials or business practices also be made to the board of health and or appropriate regulatory body in that county and or state.

 Our complaint form can be found in the AAM Code of Ethics section of the AAM website here.