Our Mission: to inspire and support permanent cosmetic professionals from around the globe through education, opportunities and the latest in industry technology while promoting and upholding the highest safety standards.

The American Academy of Micropigmentation invites you to join this prestigious group of dedicated permanent cosmetic professionals, physicians, nurses, cosmetologists, estheticians, electrologists and others in the field. Be the best!
Comprised of a board of professionals, the American Academy of Micropigmentation is committed to serving the public and its members by improving the quality of micropigmentation training and practice. By raising the bar on education, we can benefit the consumer, the practitioner and the instructors. Members will be provided with educational materials regularly, discounts from participating vendors, as well as an annual convention, featuring the latest in procedures, techniques and products.
Our voluntary AAM Board Certification, which fosters excellence and encourages continuous learning, is available for the practitioner. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous 3-part examination process includes a written, oral and a practical exam. Board Certification by our not-for-profit organization is voluntary and only mandatory in the States of New Jersey, Maine and Nevada but it also a prerequisite to become an AAM Certified Micropigmentation Instructor (CMI).
The intent of the certification process of the AAM is to provide assurance to the public and to the medical profession that an AAM certified micropigmentation professional has completed an accredited course of education in micropigmentation and an evaluation, including an examination. The evaluation is designed to assess the knowledge, experience and skills required to deliver the highest standards of quality client care in permanent cosmetics.
Our goal: to be the professional association that educates, informs and inspires permanent cosmetic artists around the globe.

The Benefits of Membership

The American Academy of Micropigmentation offers several membership levels to meet all practitioners’ needs. Share in this enormous pool of knowledge and enjoy the wealth of information and support awaiting you. Whether you are a recent graduate, a seasoned practitioner or instructor, the AAM has a membership level to meet your needs and is a vital resource throughout your career. We look forward to accompanying you on your path to success! 

The AAM Certification Exam is the only 3-segment test in our profession. This intensive evaluation and examination process continues to produce informed practitioners and allows you to proceed with more confidence. Display your AAM Certification with great pride.

 The AAM is a non-profit organization that is committed to promoting education, training and regulation.

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What is the AAM?

Welcome to the American Academy of Micropigmentation. The AAM was founded in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization to promote excellence in micropigmentation through a voluntary examination process. 

This national board certification and continuing educational process improves the quality of the micropigmentation or permanent makeup profession. Thus, the AAM, through rigorous due diligence and voluntary board certification examination, certifies micropigmentation and permanent makeup professionals.

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Through mutual discussion and our shared goal in strengthening the micropigmentation industry, AAM welcomes back the Jhon Jhon Institute!