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Want to learn permanent makeup? Welcome.
Here you will find some of the Best Instructors in the Business!

Do you want to become a permanent makeup professional? Then we can help. Here you will find trainers that are the "best in the business™". How do you know that? Because each Certified Micropigmentation Instructor has at least five years of personal experience and is Board Certified before they take their Instructor Certification Exam. And our instructors care about you. Each step of the way, you will learn permanent makeup from A to Z. Our instructors include physicians, cosmetologists, educators, estheticians, nurses, makeup and fine artists and others with special talents. Click Here for Video "What is Permanent Makeup?.

Training Programs by Certified Instructors

Board Certified Trainers since 2002: No matter how much or little others charge to teach you permanent makeup, you'll save money in the long run by choosing skilled instructors such as Certified Professionals in the Academy. Why? Because poor training will leave you discouraged and without the confidence or competence to provide the skills that are vital to a pleasing result. That is why the Academy held their first annual trainers certification exams in 2002. No other non-profit organization certifies permanent makeup instructors with a 3-part examination specifically for instructors who have had at least five years experience. They know how much training you need. The number of hours and cases needed to be competent to begin may vary. You should do at least 2 eyebrows, 2 lips and 2 eyeliners in your training under the direct supervision of your instructor(s). In addition to the time you spend doing your procedures, alloted classroom instruction time may vary, depending on your skill and previous occupation. So your CMI has the discretion to focus your training to your specific needs. They are also prepared to offer you continuing education. For example, let's say you take a course that is 50 hours classroom time and 10 hours of home study. That may or may not be sufficient for you to gain the confidence you need to begin. Again, the Academy Certified Instructor is the best judge of how much training you require. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a career in micropigmentation. You will build on the foundation which your instructor provides to you. Plan to attend workshops, demos and classes as you gain knowledge and skills. You cannot learn everything about micropigmentation in 60 hours.

Beware: Only Academy members who have passed their CMI exam are qualified to represent themselves as an instructor. Even so, we urge each prospective student to thoroughly research your instructor and get their curriculum and course in writing before you begin training. The AAM is a non profit educational / professional organization that certifies practitioners as Diplomats and Certified Micropigmentation Instructors. We are about education for beginners as well as seasoned professionals.    It is the responsibility of any student to perform due diligence and verify that their “instructor” is properly qualified. We post our AAM Certified Micropigmentation Instructor information as a public service. We are not responsible for marketing and/or advertising claims made by members.
When an individual lodges a complaint, we perform due diligence to see if the practitioner has falsified their credentials, etc. However, we cannot force any practitioner to refund money or even stop false claims unless those claims infringe on our copyrighted information.

Student Certification: You instructor will assess your basic knowledge for the safe practice of micropigmentation by administering the SAAM (Student American Academy of Micropigmention) exam. This 100 question exam will be sent to the Academy for grading and upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Certificate by the Academy. Certification by the Academy on any level, Student, Diplomat or Instructor, goes a long way to help you demonstrate your achievements to the public, other professionals and regulatory agencies.

Because your training is a reflection of your instructor and his/her knowledge, take care when it comes to choosing a good instructor for permanent makeup. An instructor can only teach what they know and some instructors have not kept up with the latest techniques available. Call as many professionals as you wish. You're sure to find just the right instructor to meet your needs. And remember, with the Academy your education is always growing and expanding with you. We support you in every way possible as you apply your energy and attention to your new profession.

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