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American Academy of Micropigmentation

American Academy of Micropigmentation
American Academy of Micropigmentation Training

Want to learn permanent makeup? Welcome!

Here you will find some of the Best Instructors in this Profession!

Becoming a permanent makeup professional, you will enter into the most rewarding career of your life! Here, in the AAM, you will find instructors that are the “best in this profession”.


Each AAM Certified Micropigmentation Instructor or CMI has at least five years of professional experience in the practice of permanent makeup and has become Board Certified prior to taking the additional CMI Exam. The AAM instructors are dedicated to this profession and committed to both teaching you and supporting you in this exciting career.

Our instructors include physicians, cosmetologists, educators, estheticians, nurses, makeup and fine artists and others with special talents. Choosing skilled instructors, such as CMI Professionals in the Academy will assist you in gaining the skills and competence you need.  


Certifying Instructors since 2002: The Academy held their first annual instructor certification exams in 2002. The AAM is the only non-profit organization that certifies permanent makeup instructors with a specific 3-part examination who have a minimum of five years experience.

Primary Training: The Academy has raised the barre in primary training education to require a total of 100 hours. This consists of:

  • Minimum of 55 to 60 hours of classroom time
  • Minimum of 35 to 40 hours of home study
  • Certified instructor demonstrations and a minimum of 6 hands-on procedures performed by trainees under direct supervision of certified instructor (2 eyebrows, 2 eyeliners and 2 lip liners with shading).


The trainee is responsible to do their due diligence when choosing an instructor and also be sure to check all applicable state, county and township regulations to be sure permanent makeup is permitted where you intend to work.  

The Academy Certified Micropigmentation Instructor are qualified in assessing how much training you will require.   They are also prepared to offer you continuing education, if you feel you would like additional help in a specific area.

Plan on attending the AAM annual conference where you will learn so much in a relaxed and fun setting. See demonstrations; meet vendors and other practitioners from around the globe. Your path will be filled with wonderful learning experiences that all assist you in honing your skills.




Do your homework right from the beginning: Only Academy members who have passed their CMI exam are qualified to represent themselves as an instructor. However, we urge each prospective trainee to thoroughly research your instructor, insist on their curriculum, visit their training facility when possible and ask for references, all prior to the start of your training.


The AAM is a non-profit organization that tests and certifies, however it is the responsibility of any trainee to perform due diligence and verify that their “instructor” is properly qualified. We post our AAM Certified Micropigmentation Instructor information as a public service. We are not responsible for marketing and/or advertising claims made by members.


A member of the AAM who violates these principles is subject to disciplinary action and suspension or expulsion from the Academy. The Academy is an academic resource and refuge for men and women worldwide who seek to achieve the highest possible standard of care in an effort to benefit and protect the public, the profession and other professionals.

When an individual lodges a complaint, we perform due diligence to see if the practitioner has falsified their credentials, etc. However, we cannot force any practitioner to refund money or even stop false claims unless those claims infringe on our copyrighted information.

Because your training is a reflection of your instructor and his/her knowledge, take care when it comes to choosing a good instructor for permanent makeup. Research his/her qualifications, years in business and credentials.